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Top Online Degrees for the Current Job Market

15 May

If you’re thinking about investing in a college education, you may want to focus on a college degree that is more likely to help you pursue a well-paying, satisfying job, even in the current economy. Here is a list of five online degrees you might want to consider choosing from.

Bachelor’s in Nursing

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that 711,900 job opportunities are expected to open up between 2010 and 2020 for registered nurses (RNs). Registered nurses with a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) are more likely to have better job prospects compared to RNs without one.1If these projections are anything to go by, you should notice that there is no better time than the present to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing. An added advantage is that many accredited online colleges now offer these programs online, so RNs needn’t give up their current jobs while continuing their education.

An example of one such college is Independence University. If you take a look at an Independence University review, you will find details about the college’s accreditation, online degree programs, student services, and more. And if you’d like to know more about the college, Independence University reviews can be found online easily.

Refer to the Pay Scale and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics websites for the specific salary and job prospects of the nursing specialty you’d like to pursue.

Online Degrees

Bachelor’s in Information Technology (IT)

The age we’re living in isn’t called the age of technology for nothing. At a time where almost everything runs on technology, one can hardly think of a degree that would make for a more practical choice. Because of the broad scope of the profession you have the option of choosing from a number of specialties, and the opportunity to work in a number of different industries. While every program might be different, the coursework will cover subjects such as programming fundamentals, web design, databases, logic, and college algebra. Check Pay Scale for salary breakdowns according to educational qualifications, geographic location, years of experience, etc.

Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration

A career in healthcare administration works perfectly for people who wish to be involved with the healthcare industry and yet do not wish to be directly involved with patient care. A bachelor’s in healthcare will prepare you to become a medical and health services manager, also called a healthcare executive or a healthcare administrator. They are responsible for the smooth functioning of a specific clinical department or an entire facility. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 68,000 job opportunities opening up for medical and health services managers by 2020.2

Bachelor’s in Accounting

There is an ever-present need for accountants no matter what the economic status of our country. This is for the simple reason that accountants are needed to prepare and examine financial records. Studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Education show that a total of 190,700 jobs are going to open up for accountants and auditors across the United States by 2020. Maybe you’d like to pursue one of them?3

Once the decision to pursue a degree online has been made, staying focused on a career that will bring you the best results in the current job market is the way to go.


What Makes Online Education a Good Option for You?

15 May

Online education has steadily gained popularity with working professionals, parents with familial responsibilities, adults who wish to make a mid-life career change, those who don’t have easy access to a good brick and mortar college—the list can go on. Why has online education become a favorable option for many? Let’s find out.


Online education gives you the flexibility to not only decides where and when you study, but also how you study. For instance, if you are someone who can study well in solitude, online education is a great option for you. You can decide on the time and place that is most convenient to you to study, and dedicate it entirely to your program.

Student tip: Never choose online education thinking it will be the easier option. It is a more convenient option, but it requires more self-discipline and motivation on the student’s part in order to stay on top of both school and life responsibilities and stay ahead in class.

Multiple options

You now have the option of choosing from a wide variety of online degree programs. Online programs in business, information technology, healthcare, graphic design, criminal law, psychology, and many more are available at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and even doctorate level. So you don’t have to feel like your options are limited when it comes to pursuing an education online.

Student tip: To make the most of your online education, first carefully consider all your interests and goals, and only then pick a degree. You want to pursue an education in something that not only interests you but is also likely to help you pursue a well-paying, satisfying job, especially in the current economic climate.

Online degrees are gaining recognition world-over by employers

At one point, students were of the opinion that degrees earned online held no value and so chances of finding a job with an online degree were next to none. However, an increasing percentage of schools and colleges are adopting some form of online education simply because they’ve come to realize that not everyone can attend a standard brick and mortar college. Furthermore, employers have begun to acknowledge the amount of dedication and hard work that goes into earning a degree online and have started to accept degrees earned online from accredited colleges as on par with traditional degrees.

Student tip: Don’t shy away from online education for fear of your degree not getting accepted. Make sure you apply to an accredited college and you should have no trouble convincing potential employers of the legitimacy of your degree.

Accreditation of online schools

Online colleges, just like traditional schools, are accredited by accrediting agencies. If an online college has been accredited, you can rest assured of the quality of its programs and student services, and the qualifications of the faculty. Let’s take the example of Independence University, an accredited online college. A look at any Independence University review will speak about its accreditation at length. Additionally, other Independence University reviews also focus on details about its student services, financial aid assistance programs, and more.

Student tip: While doing your research on online colleges, check with the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) to find out about a college’s accreditation status. The USDE maintains a database of regionally and nationally accredited colleges on its website.

An online education requires hard work and discipline, but that’s a small price to pay for some of the perks it can offer you.

Who Can Pursue an Online Education?

15 May

Online education offers a great deal of convenience, and so more and more people are beginning to choose an online degree as their best educational option. Who are these people? Let’s take a look.

Busy, working professionals

At some point in your career, you might feel the need to go back to school and earn a higher degree, which could help you get a promotion or a higher-paying job within the industry. You might want to learn new skills that could supplement your existing skills, increasing your market value. For instance, a registered nurse (RN) with a bachelor’s of science in nursing (BSN) might want to return to school to earn a master’s degree, in order to be eligible for administrative job roles. However, not everyone can afford to quit their jobs and dedicate all their time to a standard on-ground education. For such people, an online education makes the most sense. They can continue working while studying.

Stay-at-home parents

Online degrees are great for stay-at-home parents who want to earn a degree that they can use when they choose to return to work, or even before then, for those who simply want to learn something new and keep their minds stimulated. Education enriches your life, and while some might consider education as a means to an end, others might look at it as personal achievement.

People who want to switch careers mid-life

Some people might desperately want to change careers in the later years of their lives for different reasons. They are apprehensive of making the switch because of reasons pertaining to age, financial circumstances, and family responsibilities. But the truth is it’s never too late to make a career switch. Online degrees give you the chance to pursue an education in your desired field while continuing with your current job, should you not be in a position to give up your job altogether.

People with physical disabilities

People with physical disabilities or health conditions might not be able to commute to a regular college on a daily basis. But that should not be a reason for them to give up hope of getting a college education. Luckily online colleges have made it possible for such people to educate themselves and achieve their academic goals.

People who don’t have access to a good college nearby

Not everyone has easy access to a college of their liking. You might not be able to afford daily commuting charges to a college or you might not be able to pay the cost of living on campus. Why then should you compromise on the quality of your education? Online education makes it possible for you to pursue quality education from the comfort of your home.

How do you decide on an online college?

Where you go to college is never an easy decision. After all, there’re so many options and so much to decide. Our advice to you would be to take your time and figure out your goals. Read college reviews, seek professional opinions, and speak to those you trust. To kick-start your search for a well-reputed online college, take the example of Independence University. According to Independence University reviews, the college offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in in-demand professions. Almost any Independence University review will offer details on its accreditation, student services, and more.

As online education gains momentum, you should feel reassured knowing that getting educated has become much easier, even in the face of all your other commitments and responsibilities.

Online degrees- on par with on-campus degrees

25 Apr

There are certain periods in a student’s life that stand out against the rest. Graduating from college is one such moment that defines a person’s life.However, after graduating high school, most students prefer to start working immediately, gain work experience and earn money. While such people might decide to return to college eventually, not everyone can afford to take time off from work and dedicate all their time to earn a degree. The solution? Pursuing a college degree online.

Granted, even today online degrees are met with skepticism by students, parents and employers. And if you’re considering applying for a degree online, you’re bound to wonder if potential employers will accept online degrees. But people with real limitations can’t afford to give up their jobs and other responsibilities. As time passes employers have increasingly come to understand student limitations and have realized that online programs are just as good as an on-campus degree.

In fact, you will find that most employers will not look upon an online degree any differently than a standard degree. The reason why online education has increasingly gained popularity today is because it gives people who are strapped down with familial responsibilities or a job, but  want to earn a bachelor’s degree to further their careers, a chance to pursue their personal and professional goals. An online education can be pursued from the comfort of a home at a time and pace most convenient to the student.

Once the decision of pursuing a degree online has been made, the task of being successful at the program depends entirely upon the student. Trying to find a balance between work and an online class can be challenging at first but ultimately, rewarding. This dedication and drive to succeed (and excel) is regarded well by employers, as these are qualities every employer wants from his employees.

Although you are still likely to receive some apprehension from potential employers, you can always point out that the curriculum for an online program is similar to that of traditional brick and mortar colleges. Securing financial aid for online colleges has also become a lot easier. Some online colleges also offer career services and other student services. Colleges like Independence University, offer online degree programs and providea number of student services to all their students.Reviews of Independence University can be found easily, providing transparency and clarity. Read a review of Independence University to find out more about what they have to offer their students.

One of the lesser talked about advantagesof online degrees is the fact that studying online and using various softwares to complete your assignments, makes you computer savvy. This gives you an edge because computer literacy is a skill most required by employers.

If anything, employers will always be impressed by your decision to continue an education inspite of demanding jobs and familial responsibilities. With the right education in a field that interests you from an accredited online college, you should have little to no problem finding a job.


How to make the most of an online degree program

25 Apr

Online education works great for busy, working adults and career-focused students who want to either acquire new skills or further those that they already possess. If you’re interested in an online program, you’ll want to make the most of it. Here’s the lowdown on things you can do to make the most of you online degree program, right from the selection of the program to finding a job.

Do a back-ground check

Once you’ve narrowed down your preferences of the degree you’d like to pursue, you begin your search for a college that’ll fit you right. But before looking into any college’s program you should educate yourself about the importance of accreditation.  An online college should be regionally or nationally accredited by an accrediting organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

If the college fails to provide details about its accreditation, it should a raise a red flag for you as you might very well be dealing with a diploma mill. In addition to the institutional accreditation, it would help if their specialized programs have been accredited by a reputable accrediting organization.

An example of an accredited online college is Independence University. According to Independence University reviews, the college’s respiratory therapy program has been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC), also recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. You should read an Independence University review to find out more about the college and its accreditation.

Other than the accreditation, you should ask the college or try to find reviews talking about:

·         Student-teacher ratio

·         Student diversity

·         Online student services (such as career services, financial aid help offered by the college to those who qualify,etc)

·         Educational and professional qualifications of the faculty

Excel at your program

Pursuing a degree online is not as easy as it is convenient. While you have the freedom to study at your own pace, it could be very easy to fall back in classes if you don’t come up with a system to stay on top of things. Work out a routine which enables you to give your program its due attention. Assignments won’t complete themselves and unless you’re willing to let your grades suffer, you’re going to have to be motivated and disciplined enough to get things done and do them right.

Make sure you have high-speed Internet connectivity along with the software you’ll need during the program. Take active part in student discussions and don’t be afraid to pose your doubts and queries to your instructors.

Finding employment

Online education is slowly but surely gaining recognition amongst employers. In the past, employers were apprehensive about hiring employees with online degrees because they were worried about the quality of education online students received. Others were doubtful of the authenticity of the degree with the abundance of diploma mills handing out fake degrees for a sum of money.

While you still might come across wary potential employers, there are ways to convince them about the credibility of your degree. For starters, there is little to no difference between the course curriculum of online programs and traditional on-campus programs. Hence, during an interview it would help if you be upfront about your education. Talk about things like your college’s accreditation, the way your classes were conducted, and the frequency with which your instructors and fellow students would interact with you. The employer is most likely to take note of your dedication and determination to educate yourself.

An online education can do wonders for your personal and professional growth if you learn how to make the most of it wisely.

Reasons to choose an Online MBA

25 Apr

An MBA might just be what most working professionals need to take their careers to greater heights. However, not everyone can afford to give up on their current jobs or other commitments in order to pursue a higher education. The solution? An online MBA degree program from an accredited college. But that isn’t the only reason for a student to take up an online MBA. Let’s take a look at some of the other reasons why students choose online MBA programs.

Increasing recognition

An MBA degree from an accredited institution reassures an employer about the authenticity of your MBA. It means that the education received is from a trusted institute that offers consistent quality education. With this knowledge, employers have become more accepting of online MBA degrees. And as time progresses they have increasingly come to recognize online degrees earned from accredited institutions.

Basic requirements

Many people put away the idea of a higher education because they’re either unable to find a good college within their vicinity or they can’t afford to apply to a college far away from home, taking living and traveling expenses into consideration. With an online MBA, you can choose an MBA program that fits your needs rather than your location. Your basic requirement would be a functioning computer with good internet connection and the software programs needed during the program.

Easier to afford

Attending a traditional brick and mortar college requires financial resources, traveling expenses and commitment of your time. Online colleges, in comparison to traditional brick and mortar colleges are relatively easier to afford. If you attend an accredited online college, you may be eligible to receive financial aid if you qualify.


One of the biggest advantages of an online MBA is the fact that you can complete the program at a pace most convenient to you. You can pursue a program online without having to give up on other personal and professional commitments, while giving equal attention to all. All you need to do is learn how to manage your time effectively.

Knowledgeable instructors

Any respectable online college worth its salt will have instructors who are not only professionally qualified to teach an online MBA class, but also have experience working in the field they’re teaching so that should clear any doubts  you may have about not getting the right exposure or guidance from an instructor in an online MBA program.

Where you should start?

Once the decision to pursue an online MBA program has been made, the search for the right college begins. Several accredited colleges offer online MBA programs. Many online schools will help you get internships or even job interviews through their student services. One such college is Independence University. Independence University reviews shed light upon the college’s accreditation, student services and financial aid assistance programs for those who qualify. You should read an Independence University review to better understand what they might have to offer.

Don’t let financial constraints, familial or job responsibilities keep you from getting a higher education. Enroll in an online MBA program that will help you reach your full potential in the business world.

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