The key to finding employment with an online degree

25 Apr

Although online degrees are being increasingly accepted by prospective employers, entering the job market with an online degree can be nerve wracking. Inspite of having earned the degree through an accredited, reputed college, you might still find yourself feeling anxious about how it might be received by potential employers. While there’s always a chance of being met with skepticism, if you play your cards right, you could turn an interview around to your favor and find yourself a fulfilling, satisfying job with your degree. Here’s how:

Know your college accreditation well

Accreditation is a voluntary, review process that colleges undergo through neutral, third-party accrediting agencies. Accreditation can be of 3 kinds: regional, national and programmatic. These accrediting agencies should be recognized by the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) and/or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

You should know facts about your college’s accreditation well in the event that a potential employer should ask you about it. An education from an accredited online college proves the legitimacy of your degree. When asked questions about the credibility of your degree, you should point out that an accreditation is a stamp of quality assurance and hence your degree is absolutely valid and genuine.

Speak of your goals and ambitions

Employers admire people with a passion to succeed and a drive to get there. Whatever your reason for choosing an online degree, an employer is bound to take note of your determination to get educated and reach your goals inspite of all the odds. Besides, an online degree is in no way easier than a standard on-ground degree. It might be more convenient, but it requires self-discipline, organization and dedication to get your work done well. These qualities are greatly appreciated and admired by a potential employer as they are always on the look-out for hard-working, sincere and responsible employees.

Speak of the skills you have acquired

One of the reasons employers are wary of hiring people with online degrees is because they are skeptical about the level of expertise and skills you can learn at online program as compared to a standard college.Respectable online colleges design their programs in a way that provides students with all the necessary skills and abilities to be eligible for jobs in their chosen fields. Some online colleges might require students to complete internships or on-ground training programs to enhance these skills. If you have received on-the-job training, be sure to mention it to your employer.

Speak of your program in detail

Most employers’ apprehension about online degrees stems from the fact that they don’t know enough about them. Talk about your program at length. Include details about assignments, group projects, internships, awards and certifications through the duration of your program. Speaking about how your program was conducted online could educate your employers about how online programs really work.

What you can do on your part, is to make sure you pursue a degree from an accredited online college. Student reviews about online colleges are a good place to start as they let you in on finer details about the college. Take for instance Independence University. Student reviews of Independence University speak about their career service programs, financial aid assistance programs for those who qualify and much more. If you’re curious about what the college can offer you, read a student review about Independence University to see if the college offers something that could interest you.

Ultimately, an individual’s desire to get educated is always going to be respected and admired. Be unafraid and go into the world with confidence and your head held high.


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