Online degrees- on par with on-campus degrees

25 Apr

There are certain periods in a student’s life that stand out against the rest. Graduating from college is one such moment that defines a person’s life.However, after graduating high school, most students prefer to start working immediately, gain work experience and earn money. While such people might decide to return to college eventually, not everyone can afford to take time off from work and dedicate all their time to earn a degree. The solution? Pursuing a college degree online.

Granted, even today online degrees are met with skepticism by students, parents and employers. And if you’re considering applying for a degree online, you’re bound to wonder if potential employers will accept online degrees. But people with real limitations can’t afford to give up their jobs and other responsibilities. As time passes employers have increasingly come to understand student limitations and have realized that online programs are just as good as an on-campus degree.

In fact, you will find that most employers will not look upon an online degree any differently than a standard degree. The reason why online education has increasingly gained popularity today is because it gives people who are strapped down with familial responsibilities or a job, but  want to earn a bachelor’s degree to further their careers, a chance to pursue their personal and professional goals. An online education can be pursued from the comfort of a home at a time and pace most convenient to the student.

Once the decision of pursuing a degree online has been made, the task of being successful at the program depends entirely upon the student. Trying to find a balance between work and an online class can be challenging at first but ultimately, rewarding. This dedication and drive to succeed (and excel) is regarded well by employers, as these are qualities every employer wants from his employees.

Although you are still likely to receive some apprehension from potential employers, you can always point out that the curriculum for an online program is similar to that of traditional brick and mortar colleges. Securing financial aid for online colleges has also become a lot easier. Some online colleges also offer career services and other student services. Colleges like Independence University, offer online degree programs and providea number of student services to all their students.Reviews of Independence University can be found easily, providing transparency and clarity. Read a review of Independence University to find out more about what they have to offer their students.

One of the lesser talked about advantagesof online degrees is the fact that studying online and using various softwares to complete your assignments, makes you computer savvy. This gives you an edge because computer literacy is a skill most required by employers.

If anything, employers will always be impressed by your decision to continue an education inspite of demanding jobs and familial responsibilities. With the right education in a field that interests you from an accredited online college, you should have little to no problem finding a job.



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  1. Allexia July 12, 2012 at 7:05 pm #

    really an amazing article to read.

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