Mistakes online students generally make

25 Apr

If you plan on pursuing a degree online, you might want to avoid some of these mistakes most online students tend to make.

Fail to check out the accreditation

The importance of accreditation cannot be stressed enough (*link to importance of accreditation article). Not only does it provide you with the reassurance that the education you receive is of sound quality, but it also is important if you want to transfer credits to another college. Look into the college’s accreditation (regional or national) and make sure it is by an accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) and/or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). You don’t want to make the mistake of falling prey to the advertising gimmicks of a diploma mill.

Not framing a concrete study schedule

An online degree program is convenient, but it is by no means easier than a standard degree. If your reason for opting for an online program is its rumored ease, then you should re-examine your reasons for studying online. Being successful at an online degree requires dedication, discipline and hard work. You should get into it prepared to give at least 8-10 hours of study time every week.Frame a concrete study plan around your work routine and stick to it. Otherwise you are most likely to fall behind in your classes.


Online students tend to take their classes lightly or put off studying or completing assignments till the last minute, until it all piles up. That helps no one as the only person who will suffer because of it is you. Studying online helps you control when and how you study, but a careless attitude towards your studies will put you behind in your classes.

Not ask about the instructors

Since you’re going to end up spending big bucks on your education, you are fully entitled to know where you’re investing your money. Ask your college about its online instructors; their education and relevant work experience. Read student reviews to find out what the students think about their instructors.

Not ask for help

Should you fall behind in your classes you should reach out to your instructors for help. You can always participate in online group chats and forum discussions and contact your instructor via e-mail or Skype Online colleges try to make interaction with instructors and fellow students as easy as possible. Independence University is an example of a college that offers a variety of student services to help make it easier for its students. Since the Internet is a great tool to find information, you can easily find everything you need to know about the college, right from reviews to complaints about Independence University.

Not communicate with fellow students

Interacting with your peers can help you understand your courses better and can increase your productivity. Don’t shy away from engaging with other online students from your class take their suggestions and opinions and learn from it.

To be successful at an online program you should try to stay ahead of your classes and turn to yourinstructors when you need help. This way you are most likely to be successful at your program.


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