How to make the most of an online degree program

25 Apr

Online education works great for busy, working adults and career-focused students who want to either acquire new skills or further those that they already possess. If you’re interested in an online program, you’ll want to make the most of it. Here’s the lowdown on things you can do to make the most of you online degree program, right from the selection of the program to finding a job.

Do a back-ground check

Once you’ve narrowed down your preferences of the degree you’d like to pursue, you begin your search for a college that’ll fit you right. But before looking into any college’s program you should educate yourself about the importance of accreditation.  An online college should be regionally or nationally accredited by an accrediting organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

If the college fails to provide details about its accreditation, it should a raise a red flag for you as you might very well be dealing with a diploma mill. In addition to the institutional accreditation, it would help if their specialized programs have been accredited by a reputable accrediting organization.

An example of an accredited online college is Independence University. According to Independence University reviews, the college’s respiratory therapy program has been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC), also recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. You should read an Independence University review to find out more about the college and its accreditation.

Other than the accreditation, you should ask the college or try to find reviews talking about:

·         Student-teacher ratio

·         Student diversity

·         Online student services (such as career services, financial aid help offered by the college to those who qualify,etc)

·         Educational and professional qualifications of the faculty

Excel at your program

Pursuing a degree online is not as easy as it is convenient. While you have the freedom to study at your own pace, it could be very easy to fall back in classes if you don’t come up with a system to stay on top of things. Work out a routine which enables you to give your program its due attention. Assignments won’t complete themselves and unless you’re willing to let your grades suffer, you’re going to have to be motivated and disciplined enough to get things done and do them right.

Make sure you have high-speed Internet connectivity along with the software you’ll need during the program. Take active part in student discussions and don’t be afraid to pose your doubts and queries to your instructors.

Finding employment

Online education is slowly but surely gaining recognition amongst employers. In the past, employers were apprehensive about hiring employees with online degrees because they were worried about the quality of education online students received. Others were doubtful of the authenticity of the degree with the abundance of diploma mills handing out fake degrees for a sum of money.

While you still might come across wary potential employers, there are ways to convince them about the credibility of your degree. For starters, there is little to no difference between the course curriculum of online programs and traditional on-campus programs. Hence, during an interview it would help if you be upfront about your education. Talk about things like your college’s accreditation, the way your classes were conducted, and the frequency with which your instructors and fellow students would interact with you. The employer is most likely to take note of your dedication and determination to educate yourself.

An online education can do wonders for your personal and professional growth if you learn how to make the most of it wisely.


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